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You need to create or reproduce a part for 3D printing and you do not have any 3D modeling skills.
Our 3D modeling application, running online, allows you to do it easily and quickly using virtual tools familiar to you such as a saw, a drill or glue.
If you are a DIYer, maker, modelist, collector, designer or inventor, our modeling application will allow you to draw a 3D printable part to repair or create an object.
You can freely use all the features of this site. No installation is required.
Creating an account is only required to post a message in the forum.

The 3D modelling application was updated. See more....
Browse the documentation to understand the principle and main commands of the modeling application.
3D printing and how you can print the object you have modeled in 3D.
Share your experience and problems. Creating an account is mandatory to write in the forum.
Frequently asked questions.
General information about modeling and 3D printing.
There are already many application to make 3D modelling (3D drawing).
Why has this new software being developped?
The most complete and giving the best results are irrefutably CAD software, but the purchase price is high and their use is not simple. If you do not frequently use a CAD software, you forget once on the other how to proceed.
There are other free software on the market, but these programs were not designed to draw, model an object that can be printed in 3D. So we can end up with a beautiful object on the screen that will never be printed in 3D.
The application we are proposing on this site has been designed to be as simple as possible to use. The tools are easy to understand and you can quickly remember the way they work even after a period of  time. Working on views represententing a given face can reduce the complexity of 3D modelling, drawing by reducing it to work in a plane.
In addition, all precautions are taken in our 3D design software for the final object you draw can be produced by a 3D printer.
This software runs on ordinary computers, even old enough. It does not require any installation on your computer.
In summary, a simple software to draw simple 3D objects to be 3D printed.
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You'll learn all about Crobics reading our interview on primante3d.
Primante3D is an information site on 3D printing where
you will find many articles and othe interesting information.
(But in French)
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Disscover  the 3DPrinting Industry web site and read the  article on Crobics
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In a slightly accelerated way,  the 3D drawing of the object, its 3D printing, the removing of the support and its final implementation.
This simple object is used to protect a table corner so that a child does not get hurt. The drawing must be tailor-made according to the thickness of the table so that the protection fits perfectly on on it.
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