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Applications are written in Javascript and are requiring the activation of Javascript in your browser.
In order to work properly, applications need to use a fairly recent browser.
Applications can work with or without Webgl, technology available in the most recent browsers and which make the best use of your graphics card.
The use of Webgl makes it possible to have a more fluid rendering.
However depending on your version of OS and browser as well as the model of your graphic board, Webgl can work more or less correctly. This is why an icon in our software makes it possible at any time to switch from Webgl mode to mode without Webgl and vice versa.
Safari on Mac is not supported. The applications work but it is impossible to save your work in a file.
There is no file dialog when saving a file in the modeling tool
Our software is coded in Javascript and are then not authorized to write a file on your hard disk.
The save function is done through the download feature of the browser.
To get the save dialog asking for filename and directory, you must configure the download feature of your browser in the settings.
You must activate the option that always request the saving directory.

The behavior is different with Internet Explorer 11 while this option is no more available. A dialog window will propt you for the name of the file and the you should answer to the IE11 save dialog.
How keeping the two parts of an objects when sawing?
To saw an object in 2 parts.
Make a copy/paste(ctrl-c/ctrl-v) of the object to cut.
Select the first one in the object window at the right of the screen. Draw the blue sawing shape and saw.
Select the second one in the object window at the right of the screen. Draw the blue sawing shape and saw.
You can also draw the two sawing shape in a first step, letting you the possibility to adjust them. Then select the first sawing shape and saw, and then the second one and saw.