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First, in the 3D modeling tool, you must verify that the object is correctly positioned to be printed in 3D, especially if the 3D printing is to be done in FDM technology, ie by depositing filament.
You must then save the result of your modeling in STL format.

If you have access to a 3D printer, either because you have one, or as part of a Fablab, this STL file will be used by the slicing software to generate the necessary commands for the 3D printer.

Otherwise, you will have to choose a 3D printing service provider who will ask you to upload the STL file containing the object you want to print in 3D and that will tell you the price and the deadlines for the realization of the object.

Among the companies that realize 3D impressions you have:
Sculpteo logo
Sculpteo provides professional quality 3D prints at reasonable price.
By using the promotional code MYFIRSTPRINT, you should get a 7€ discount on your first 3D printing made by Sculpteo.
3DHubs ( is a network of hundreds of people or companies that realize 3D prints. The result will depend on the person or company you will select in the hub.
Crobics has stopped its 3D printing service activity.
This site has features that will allow you to model an object in three dimensions.
You can then either order its three-dimensional print (3D printing), ie its realization in the form of a plastic object, or use the STL file representing the object to print it on your own 3D printer or let it print by another 3D printing service provider.
This plastic object could:
  • replace a broken and nowhere to be found part for a device or toy,
  • be used as part of your craft activity,
  • be used in the design of a model,
  • be used for the prototype of a device that you are inventing,
  • and any other use you can think of.

The design of the 3D object can be made directly on the site through our online free 3D modelling software.

If you have a file with an object drawn with another tool or downloaded from the internet, you can open it with our software to modify it. Currently, the sole supported format in addition to our native format (.vwb) is the STL format(.stl).

You do not need to create an account or login to use this software.

A large number of objects deemed unserviceable are repairable. Fixing these objects means:
  • Avoid discharge and increase of our volume of waste
  • Save money

It requests on the other hand spending a little time to make the repairs by yourself.
In these, one is often confronted with the problem of broken plastic parts that are not found as sold parts and most of the time are impossible to stick.
3D printing is a solution that can remanufacture these parts in many cases and revive an object for a few euros.

Beware though for parts that are subject to thermal stresses such as nearby parts of a central steam iron. Plastics currently used for 3D printing can not withstand very high temperatures.